Left 4 Dead 2 Demo

Got to say that I do like Left 4 Dead even if I have not played it in a while. So when I heard Left 4 Dead 2 was coming out I decided to pre-order it from Game. This also gave me the advantage of getting hold of the Demo a week before it is […]

Halo ODST- Why did I get it?

This is a strange purchase for me, one because I don’t buy many new games and the reason that I hate Halo with a passion. So why did I purchase it….

I had read a few details about this and was intrigued with it. The first thing is that I love co-op games, that is […]

Pigeons @ Play: Episode 1

De Mote, Pres and Xan star in our first ever video podcast to accompany the regular monthly podcast (Episode 17). If you would like to appear as a guest in the next Pigeons @ Play then email ninjafatpigeons@googlemail.com.


United Gamers League: http://bit.ly/ugl09 Manchester Social […]