Review: Gyromancer & Dinner Dash (by AdeptusAce)

Being the xbox live arcade whore that I am, I downloaded these two new additions, the first for myself, the 2nd as my wife liked the looks of it, the fool of a took!

GYROMANCER [XBLA] I thought at first that this was a puzzle quest clone, well, it is and it isn’t. It’s actually […]

Review: Brutal Legend (by Scooby Mad)

Brutal Legend is the latest game from Tim Schafer, the guy who was involved in Monkey Island, Full Throttle and more recently the director, co-writer and designer of Psychonauts. But is this actually a game worth buying or just some nonsense only a select few will enjoy?

You play Eddie Riggs, voiced superbly by Jack […]

Review: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (by Scooby Mad)

Uncharted: Drakes Fortune was my favourite game on the Playstation 3. Not because it was necessarily the best, but because it felt different. The graphics were bright & colourful (most games tend to go with a drab brown and grey theme) and while the gameplay was tried and tested from many other games the whole […]

NFP Show Ep23: Stealing Potions

[podcast][/podcast]De Mote, Oxycutor and Xantiriad plagiarise the BRP Co-op format and feature: Halo ODST, MAG, Dirt 2, Need for Speed Shift, Scribblenauts, Prof Layton 2, Dead Space Extraction, Risen, Monkey Island Ep 2, Batman AS, PSP Go, Grand Turismo, Motorstorm AE, Forza 3 (Demo), Brutal Legend (Demo), Dragon Age: Origins, Facebook/Twitter/Sky+, Eurogamer Expo and the […]

God of War: Chains of Olympus

God of War: Chains of Olympus

God of War: Chains of Olympus is a HUGE technical achievement on the PSP. But is it a PSP Conan? Or can it stand up to the God of War name?

The story of this game takes place before the events of God of War one. It […]