Gamesroost: June 2011 – LA Noire, Dorkapalooza

Leg of Time, Oxycutor, extra-extra-special guest star Leon “Ratso Albion” Cox from GamerDork, and Xantiriad form the panel and review: LA Noire, Deadly Premonition, Ocarina of Time 3D, Minerva’s Den, and many more. (Season 4, Episode 10; Length 1:13.08)


GamerDork – Dorkapalooza 2011 Ninja Fat Pigeons: Gamesroost on […]

Gamesroost: April 2010

Matsmasher (Epic Fail Podcast), De Mote, Presariofu and Xantiriad form the Games Jury and review: Battlefield Bad Company 2; Splinter Cell Conviction; Zelda: Spirit Tracks; Need for Speed SHIFT; and Just Cause 2. Plus more… […]

Gamesroost: January 2010 (3-01)

The Ninja Fat Pigeons are back with a new series of our monthly community gaming podcast. The first episode of the newly titled “Gamesroost” includes a fabulous ostentation of Pigeons: including De Mote, Garf Spaceman, Leg of Time), and Xantiriad. This month we haul ourselves out of our man-flu caves to pick out the highlights of our gaming Chrimbo and what we are looking forward to in 2010. […]