Pigeons @ Play: Episode 1

De Mote, Pres and Xan star in our first ever video podcast to accompany the regular monthly podcast (Episode 17). If you would like to appear as a guest in the next Pigeons @ Play then email ninjafatpigeons@googlemail.com.


United Gamers League: http://bit.ly/ugl09 Manchester Social […]

United Gamers League

The Ninja Fat Pigeons will be joining Cranky Gamers UK, Clan Blueblood, and Sanctuary 4 Gamers for the United Gamers League. A friendly tournament between the video game community sites.

For more information see the United Gamers League. […]

Prefer This Player Clan League

The ‘Prefer this Player’ clan league kicked off this past week with the first set of matches. On the pigeon front, we were up against the Bluebloods and after a sly move by Mr Spaceman I was promoted to Party Leader. The first match kicked off and I believe the map was Construct, we […]


Last night, on the 21st of February a battle took place between us winged folk of the sky and the friends over at Lox gamers. The match was originally meant to be on Gears of War, but after recieving an unscheduled invite for ChunkyMunkey i headed over to find the Lox gamers and Munkey in […]

Updates On Frontlines

Well on a bored Monday night I was randomly searching the net and I came across a few cool facts about the game. Yes I should be doing coursework but this took priority (as per usual….)

ok first of all the release date, it’s set to launch on the 29th February 2008. […]