The Ninja Fat Pigeons were originally formed as an Xbox Live Halo 2 Clan, back in April 2005. Since then the community has diversified, and now represents multi-platform sociable video gamers who enjoy playing and chatting together.




As a community of winged, feathered gamers, we still have meet ups, an active forum and, one of the friendliest group of gamers you will meet.

The Ninja Fat Pigeons previously run a (nearly) monthly podcast for four years from 2007 through to 2011 as a bit of fun and a place to debate video gaming. Whilst the podcasts have now stopped, several of the original pigeon podcasters now appear on shows for other gaming sites. Xan (Xantiriad) and Leg (Leg of Time) are regulars on the weekly Gameburst podcast which can be found here.

Everyone is welcome to join the forum or to follow us on Twitter @NinjaFatPigeons and, join our Facebook group.