Saints Row IV – Meet the President

Saints Row IV Meet the president

Meet the president


Saints Row games are a bit marmite in the roost with the pigeons. There are those that love the wacky outlandish non serious contender to the GTA series and, there are those that loathe it. I, whilst having never completed the main story in any Saints Row game enjoy just messing around in a sandbox game that, does not take itself seriously.


Coming on 20th August 2013, this 4th instalment elevates the Saints status to the highest level, leaders of the free world.


In Saints Row IV, the head of the Saints has been elected to the Presidency of the United States. The game is still set in Steelport, but with a new twist, the Saints are fighting off a catastrophic alien invasion. To help with this task, the Saints now have an arsenal of alien weaponry to aid in causing destruction along with superpowers enabling you to leap over buildings, outrun sports cars and send enemies flying with telekinesis.


This looks to be the craziest Saints Row game yet and, based on the previous titles, that takes some doing. Watch the trailer below and, join in the discussion over on the forum. Love it or hate it, let us know your thoughts.



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