Forza Horizon

Forza horizon red truck

The good guys at Turn 10 have released some new DLC for Forza Horizon in addition to the regular car packs entitled, 1000 Club. This DLC has added 5 new challenges to every car in the game meaning over 1000 new challenges. This DLC also comes with 10 new Xbox Live achievements to collect, worth 250 gamerscore points. Also included are 2 new free cars to enjoy. As found out by Stu, most of the achievements require the use of previous DLC only cars but, that takes nothing away from the additional hours of gameplay this expansion adds to the game. More details can be found here.

The Forza series has always been a firm favourite in the roost here and, plenty of us are still playing Horizon. This DLC can only help to keep us pigeons on the track *most of the time*

Come and join the discussions over on our forum or, click on the image above to go to the official Xbox download page to add to your downloads queue. For your information, the DLC comes in at 353mb

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