NFP Show Ep23: Stealing Potions

[podcast][/podcast]nfp23.001De Mote, Oxycutor and Xantiriad plagiarise the BRP Co-op format and feature: Halo ODST, MAG, Dirt 2, Need for Speed Shift, Scribblenauts, Prof Layton 2, Dead Space Extraction, Risen, Monkey Island Ep 2, Batman AS, PSP Go, Grand Turismo, Motorstorm AE, Forza 3 (Demo), Brutal Legend (Demo), Dragon Age: Origins, Facebook/Twitter/Sky+, Eurogamer Expo and the monthly Photo Competition.

Original Music by Garf Spaceman [], James Clark & The Tribal Effect, and Xantiriad!

Musical extracts from Mass Effect, Bioshock, Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts, and Blue Dragon – all awesome games; go buy them!

Twitter: @NinjaFatPigeons


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