Left 4 Dead 2 Demo

Got to say that I do like Left 4 Dead even if I have not played it in a while. So when I heard Left 4 Dead 2 was coming out I decided to pre-order it from Game. This also gave me the advantage of getting hold of the Demo a week before it is released on XBL.

Well I finally got the code to download the demo on Monday and to downloaded it last night. So I had a co-op game with Leg Of Time. I have to say I love it….. Yes it is basically the same as the original version. However, it has the something… “it is the same yet not the same” as they say. There are new special infected, as well as melee weapons. Not too sure if I like the melee weapons, although I have to say that the machete is great; not so sure about the frying pan or the guitar…

Unfortunately the demo only has co-op or single player. But it is great fun. Roll on 20th November for its release. Below is some footage from me and Leg of Time playing it last night.


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