God of War: Chains of Olympus

God of War: Chains of Olympus

God of War: Chains of Olympus

God of War: Chains of Olympus is a HUGE technical achievement on the PSP. But is it a PSP Conan? Or can it stand up to the God of War name?

The story of this game takes place before the events of God of War one. It tells the story of why Kratos became so mad at the gods and fills in a few gaps ready for God of War 3. It is just as engaging as the previous two games storylines, if a little short lived.

If youve played a God of War game before (and if not, go and do so now) the controls here will feel very familiar with the only real differences being the way you roll and access your magic. You hold both L & R in to dodge, L to block and R to use your magic (along with one of the face buttons depending on which attack you wish to use). Other than that its the same controls as always. This is the first game ive played on PSP that works just as well (if not better) as it does the PS2.

Special mention should be given to the graphics and sound AMAZING! When you consider this is a PSP game, it really is amazing how theyve managed to get the God of War look and sound shrunk down to a handheld. Get a good set of headphones though as the PSP speakers can be a bit tinny.

Pretty much all of the God of war moves are in here too from climbing walls and swimming to all the combat moves. Yes a few are missing, there are no ropes to climb or swing on and you cant grapple enemies on walls but you dont really notice this unless youre a big God of War fan! The killing minigames are also here in full glory too a must for God of War and they work really well, even with the little nub.

So it looks great, sounds great, plays great. Is there anything wrong with it?


I know its amazing they managed to get this on a UMD at all but this is a very short game. Took me just under four and a half hours to complete on normal and I found all of the chests in that time too. It has a few branching paths but it is very much a follow the yellow brick road type of game, God of War games arent very good in this area anyway but you really notice it in this one. It also feels like it was supposed to be longer but they cut a huge chunk out of the middle, to me anyway. Its not got much replay value in terms of new content but it is a hugely fun title, Im now going to start Hard. It does have a few challenges after you complete it, Kill 20 enemies without being hit kind of stuff, but this isnt really going to take you very long. The lack of multiplayer doesnt bother me as these games arent really supposed to have multiplayer as they are about delivering a quality single player experience.

Even though it comes in at around a fiver (or more) a hour id still say this is the best game on the PSP and maybe even a system seller. I bought a PSP on release because of the promise that id be playing PS2 type games on the bus, its taken two years but I now have God of War in my pocket. God love Sony and three cheers to Ready at Dawn too.

Now I want, no I NEED my God of War PS3 fix! Get a move on! Have it ready for this Christmas or else.

Review By Scooby Mad

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