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Halo ODST- Why did I get it?

This is a strange purchase for me, one because I don’t buy many new games and the reason that I hate Halo with a passion. So why did I purchase it….

I had read a few details about this and was intrigued with it. The first thing is that I love co-op games, that is the main type of game that I prefer to play online. Some people would say that team games are also co-op games, I beg to differ. The problem with team games it that people always wonder off doing their own thing. Look at the likes of COD4 etc. how often does a team actually work together? The other thing that I liked the sound of with this game was the Firefight mode. Similar to Gears Of War 2 Horde mode.

So when Xantiriad made a post that he would get it, if someone can promise to do the campaign on co-op with him. I made a agreement that I would get it and play it with him. Yes, this is two people who hate Halo getting a Halo game….

What do I think about it? I actually like it, its got some good co-op play and the Firefight mode is great fun. I’ve posted a video clip of us playing some of the co-op game below.


(Note: This is not a review. It’s an excuse to play with my new HD Capture device 🙂 )

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