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Halo ODST- Why did I get it?

This is a strange purchase for me, one because I don’t buy many new games and the reason that I hate Halo with a passion. So why did I purchase it….

I had read a few details about this and was intrigued with it. The first thing is that I love co-op games, that is […]

Need for Speed: Shift

Review by Scooby Mad

The Need for Speed games have been pretty piss poor as of late. They’ve always sold well, but have become a yearly EA cash in where the quality of the product has declined since the first Underground (with the exception of Most Wanted). They were about street racing, neon’s, […]

Photo Competition – Sept 2009

The subject of this month’s competition is “Age” (Thanks Fly).

Good luck everyone.

Small Print: 1. You can submit one photo (link-post in thread) 2. Closing date is 30th Sept 2009 3. All pictures on any camera, including mobiles 4. Voting will last for 5 days after the closing date and the poll will not […]

NFP Show Ep22: Flapping Big Autumn

New theme tune. New guest. New games. Everything is new, and just the same. Join De Mote, Angel on Your Shoulder, and Xantiriad as we give you the run-down of what’s hot, and what’s not, in the autumn release schedule.

If you would like to appear as a guest in the next podcast or on […]