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3rd Annual Percy Awards

We have recently awarded our third annual Percy Awards for the Ninja Fat Pigeons’ games of the year.

Listen to podcast episode 14 for more information:

The winners are:…

Best Vehicle Game = Burnout Paradise

Best Shooter = Gears of War 2

Best Action Game = The Bourne Conspiracy

Best Open World Game = GTA4

Best Strategy Game = Civ Revolution

Best Party Game = Rockband

Best Role Play Game = Fable II

Best Sports/Casual Game = FIFA Street

Best Multiplayer Game = Burnout Paradise

Best Download Game (Xbox Live Arcade, PSN or Wiiware) = Geometry Wars 2

Best Microsoft Platform Game (Xbox 360 or PC) = Gears of War 2

Best Sony Platform Game (PS3 or PSP) = Little Big Planet

Best Nintendo Platform Game (Wii or DS) = Professor Layton and the Curious Village

Best Graphics in a Game = Gears of War 2

Best Music/Sound in a Game = Dead Space

Best Story in a Game = Fable II

Biggest Waste of Money = Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Game of the Year Runners Up = Fable II, Gears of War 2

Game of the Year = Burnout Paradise

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