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Backlog: Full Auto (Xbox 360)

We are launching a monthly Ninja Fat Pigeons community event called “The Backlog“.

The purpose of The Backlog is to get hold of an older game and play it with/vs/alongside the pigeons for a month. We will then review the game on the monthly podcast.

Will will include a mixture of multiplayer and single player games, and different genres. All of the games in the first few months will be ‘360 launch titles that you can pick-up for under £10 on eBay, PlayTrade (, Amazon Used (, or rental queues.

Each month we will hold a poll. The game that wins the poll will be the backlog title for the following month. The games that come second & third in the poll will go into the next month’s vote.

So, the steps if you want to be involved:

1. Vote for the backlog game on the forum
2. Buy/rent/own said game for a month.
3. Play it offline and online (if supported) with your fellow back-loggers. Get achievements and have fun. Visit the forum to join-in backlog gaming nights.
4. Write a review on our forum or appear on the podcast. If you have already played the game, you can always refresh your memories and join in again.

Upcoming Backlog Games:

  • December’s game will be Full Auto on the Xbox 360. Secondhand copies can be picked up cheap online.
  • January’s game will be Need for Speed Most Wanted on the Xbox 360.
  • A poll for February’s game will appear on the forum in the new year.

Many thanks to Spirited Phoenix (and 1up FM) for the idea.

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