New Funky Forum

Thanks to all the hard work put in by De Mote we now have a new, funky, more powerful forum.

To access our amazing new forum you will need to reset your password. If you follow the link below and you will be mailed instructions on setting your password –here-.

Once you have logged in there will be a little house keeping to do:

1. Please check that your signature is correct in your user profile: Select User CP > Edit Signature

2. Try keep your Avatar to 90×90 pixels or less as your avatar is now displayed horizontally.

3. Add your Gamer Tag to your profile: Select User CP > Edit Your Details. This will add you to a gamerscore leaderboard.

4. If you are a fully enrolled Pigeon, you’ll need to join the clan group: Select User CP > Edit Memberships > Ninja Fat Pigeon > Join Group.

5. Remember to update any bookmarks to the old forum with the new address:

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