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NFP Show Ep9: The Soul Birds

Sweapt takes the host seat, and is joined by Xan, MrBriz and Garf, as we discuss Soul Calibur IV, E3, Dongles, and other assorted tit-bits in a packed show.

Show Links:
Download (AAC)
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Music written and performed by Garf Spaceman 

NFP Theme Tune written and performed by Deep Squirrel 

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1 comment to NFP Show Ep9: The Soul Birds

  • GarfSpaceman

    I have played through the Too Human demo again and I would like to change my vague comment about something being not quite right. Everything suddenly makes sense combat wise. I think it was because I was playing with the berserker class this time which suits my playing style a lot more. Will be putting in a pre-order soon.