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Forum Problems

The forum is experiencing performance problems again – possibly due to its database. If you are unable to post or use the forum, please leave a comment here and check for updates.

We apologise for the re-occurring problems.


The Forum’s New Home

The forum now has a new home at

The old links will still work, but you should update any bookmarks you have.

Forum Maintenance

Our Forum has been suffering from performance problems over the last few weeks and we have taken the decision to move it to a new hosting server.

The forum will be unavailable from tonight [Fri 29-Aug-2008] at 1930BST whilst we move the database to a new home.

Revisit here later for further updates.


NFP Show Ep9: The Soul Birds

Sweapt takes the host seat, and is joined by Xan, MrBriz and Garf, as we discuss Soul Calibur IV, E3, Dongles, and other assorted tit-bits in a packed show.

Show Links: (AAC)iTunes Store

Music written and performed by Garf Spaceman []

NFP Theme Tune written and performed by Deep Squirrel [].

How […]