Call of Duty 4 Prestige Ranks

I am occasionally asked what rank of prestige i am on and 90% of the time i dont know. Below is a lost of all the levels of prestige and the badges you are rewarded with.

Level One Badge
—>Rougesolo72 is currently at rank 9.
—>Mista Gav is currently at rank 35.
—>Brumnick is currently at rank 55.

Level Two Badge

Level Three Badge

—> Leg of Time is currently at rank 48.

Level Four Badge

Level Five Badge

Level Six Badge

—>Maine is currentlyat rank 16, therefore some catching up is involved mister.
—>I am currently at rank 53 so will soon be prestiging again.
—>Last Likely Lad is currently at rank 50.

Level Seven Badge

Level Eight Badge

Level Nine Badge

Level Ten Badge

I will update this list with new ranks every so often, or if someone has a big increase in rank let me know please.

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