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Call of Duty 4 Prestige Ranks

I am occasionally asked what rank of prestige i am on and 90% of the time i dont know. Below is a lost of all the levels of prestige and the badges you are rewarded with.

Level One Badge —>Rougesolo72 is currently at rank 9.—>Mista Gav is currently at rank 35.—>Brumnick is currently at rank […]

Podcasts FAQ

Why are the Podcasts in AAC (.m4a) format?

Due to a technical problem we are unable to reliably produce MP3 format podcasts to a satisfactory level of quality. All podcasts are available in the AAC format (.m4a), which is compatible with nearly all portable music players, PCs, Macs, Xbox 360, Wii, PSP and Playstation 3. […]

NFP Show Ep8: Raiders of the Lost Perch

MrBriz, fellow Pigeon and Cranky Gamer, joins Xan, Leg and Deep as we discuss Sweapt, Tea Bags, Forums, Selfish Londoners, and of course video games.

Music used with permission:Temporal Visitation & Follow The Muthaship! (Megarithic 2006) by Garf Spaceman []NFP Theme Tune by Deep Squirrel [].

This podcast can be listened to in-browser via Google […]