Prefer This Player Clan League

The ‘Prefer this Player’ clan league kicked off this past week with the first set of matches. On the pigeon front, we were up against the Bluebloods and after a sly move by Mr Spaceman I was promoted to Party Leader. The first match kicked off and I believe the map was Construct, we were able to come away with the victory. Then we ventured off into our second game on Standoff where the Bluebloods performed very well and were able to secure themselves the victory.

Guardian was our map of choice for the third match, everything started well and I was able to amass an 8 kill streak, at which point I jinxed my self by shouting out “hey, I am going to be able to go this whole game without dying”. Ironically, two seconds later I got caught in a ‘We’ve got more than you moment’ and my hammer just didn’t have the power to save me. Even after I stopped crying that I’d died we were able to pull away with a victory. I am unsure with which map we duelled on the fourth game but I believe it to have been either Narrows or Isolation. Either way, it wasn’t us who were able to gain the victory and the matches ended with a 2-2 draw.

Following the serious game play, we all proceeded to continue playing in custom games and I think I can speak for all of us when I say it was great fun. Playing Mosh Pit on Guardian with hammers and low gravity was one of the highlights of my evening. Some of the other game types played included Rocket Races, with deep getting confused as to what he was meant to do while myself and Mr Time yelled down the proximity chat the aim of the game. But of course it wouldn’t be a final night for Deep and I without playing on our Pigeons map with my rocket propelling man cannon and his mongoose skyway.

All in all it was a great night and a great representation of what the PTPL is there to be, so thanks to all the participant and to Mr Stuey for organising the League.

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