Memories of the Mansfield Meet Up

To celebrate the anniversary of the formation of the Ninja Fat Pigeons clan several of us descended on Mansfield for a day of drinking, bowling, drinking, eating, drinking and then some drinking.

On Saturday April 12 we took over a range of establishments at our annual gathering where we proved that gaming doesn’t turn people into antisocial hermits and that there is never a good time to drink barley wine.

Starting early a small group began the day sampling real ales and ciders at the Mansfield beer festival. A great suggestion from CAMRA members Miniminx and Xantiriad. Myself and Oxycutor were also easily swayed and set off at ridiculous times in the morning to arrive at around 11 to see how quickly we could get through the minimum purchase of £5 of beer tokens. The venue was large and the beer range impressive and an hour or so later we stumbled out to catch the bus to the King and Miller to meet up with the masses.

There was a good turnout for the event and on entering the pub it was great to finally put faces to the many voices I had chatted with over Xbox Live over the last year. We took over three tables for some much needed food, essential to soak up the morning’s beer. In no particular order assembled at the pub were Murtel and Fluff, KungFuStu, organisers Scooby Mad and Squeeek, Leg of Time, Leg’s sister Kay, Monkeypuzzler, MonkeyPaws. (If I have missed anyone I apologise but you must have evaded the photo’s, I spent the majority of the day pleasantly drunk!) Sweapt, we were told, was still en-route due to train issues.

Suitably refreshed we moved on to Superbowl for some bowling, Murtel in particular shone for his skils and distraction techniques! More beer was consumed and Sweapt arrived finally to join us. I stupidly bowled despite my sprained ankle and my insistence I wasn’t going to, but the beer numbed any pain. Many photos were snapped and we stole all the lightweight balls from the neighbouring children’s lanes. Though eventually gave them back.

After bowling we piled into cars and taxis and headed off the the main event, the Red Brick House Hotel, situated in a nice rural setting, not so far out of Mansfield. We set up in the bar before moving to our private room for the meal and cake ceremony. The cake was fantastic, and certainly not a lie!

More food was consumed, the cake was cut by the earliest members of the clan, Murtel, Leg and Oxy and we all ate our gamer cards. KungFuStu introduced Sweapt to Guinness and allowed him to understand the term ‘acquired taste’. We headed back into the bar, as it was easier than carrying the drinks to the function room and took over half of it. It was a great experience to be out in a pub, talking about games and irritating level bosses, without ever feeling like the nerds we proudly are!

As the night came to an end those of us who had chosen to stay at the Red Brick House said goodbye to those heading back home to Mansfield or to the Travelodge and stayed until last orders for the late night drinker’s club. Finally heading off for a well deserved night’s sleep and the inevitable hangover.

To set everyone straight for their various journeys back on Sunday we met up one last time for breakfast in Frankie and Benny’s. Hangovers were evident in some of us but we managed to get a few games of Mario Kart DS played whilst we tanked up on coffee and food. Then it was over.

It was a great weekend and it was nice to meet everyone in person after speaking to you all for so long via the forum and Xbox Live. I am sure we will do it again soon and hopefully those who couldn’t make it will be able to join us next time, wherever that might be. Thanks must go to Scooby and Squeeek for the work they put into sorting everything out and thanks from me to Mini and Xan for the lift back to the station afterwards! I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did and we’ll have to do it again.

If anyone who was less drunk than me wants to share their memories and maybe refresh mine then please post them here!

4 comments to Memories of the Mansfield Meet Up

  • Xantiriad

    Brilliant Post! My recollection is also a bit vague but that is pretty much what I recall.

  • Sweapt

    My thanks must go to scooby for giving me a lift on the day, and also to himself and squeek for giving me the lift back to Nottingham. Thank you!

  • Oxycutor

    I guess by Monkeypuzzler you mean Monkeeduster

  • Murtel

    I have only just got round to reading this, sorry. It was indeed a good weekend.