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Valentine’s Day (After) Massacre Results

Valentine’s Day-After massacre results:

9 Entrants: – Oxy, Martimo, Sweapt, SP, Garf, Paradroid, Deep, Leg, Willy

Rd1 – Guardian – (Oxy)
Rd2 – High Ground – (Martimo)
Rd3 – Narrows – (Garf)
Rd4 – Sandtrap – (Paradroid)
Rd5 – Isolation – (Willy)
Rd6 – Valhalla – (SP)
Semi – Epitah – Sweapt, Deep, and Leg in the semi – Now who would have predicted that? (Leg)
Final – Battle of the Giants – in the pink corner, Sweapticles……in the brown corner, Deep…….

Winner! Congratulations Sweapt. A badge will be coming to your profile by the weekend!

**** Don’t forget there will be a pigeon of pigeons tourney later in the year, with prizes ****
**** Details to follow ****

(originally posted by Spirited Phoenix on the Forum)

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