Updates On Frontlines

Well on a bored Monday night I was randomly searching the net and I came across a few cool facts about the game. Yes I should be doing coursework but this took priority (as per usual….)

ok first of all the release date, it’s set to launch on the 29th February 2008. The ps3 version has been delayed somewhat and there was even rumours of it being cancelled altogether. I’m not sure why they delay the PS3 version, probably to do with the hardware, blu-ray or some other paranormal stuff. Expect to be seeing Battlefield 2 like maps with lots of space, tanks, jeeps, apcs, helicopters and even jets. If memory serves there are more then 60 vehicles and weapons in the final game. There are 6 different classes which are the Assault, Heavy Assault, Sniper, Anti-Vehicle, Special Operations, and Close Combat. Also a multitude of drones from Uavs, RC bomb drones, helicopter bomb drones, a mortar drone and a gatling gun treaded drone.

My Favourite update has to be that the player capacity is jumping from 32 to 50 players on the console versions! Yes that is correct the largest seen in a console game yet something which can really rival BF2.

It is mainly due to Kaos (the developers) and Microsoft entered a deal allowing Frontlines to use dedicated servers. This is something halo 3 couldn’t even pull off which would have helped greatly. so basically we should see up to 50 players in the game with little lag and with the possibility of even more, Kaos states they did manage to “hit 73” during testing which is bloody astounding for a game! No doubt the PC and PS3 versions will be pulling these numbers too and even more due to their more third party oriented systems.

All in all I am extremely excited for this game now and will probably get it day of release even though I know I shouldn’t. 50 players are going to be damn chaotic especially with all of those bomb drones flying about! I’ll see if I can find other stuff about the game in the meantime.

Yes I am aware there is a single player and multiplayer demo on the marketplace. You should definitely go check out the multiplayer demo as this is really setting a standard in ‘FPS’. This is also my first blog post so excuse me if it is too long…

2 comments to Updates On Frontlines

  • GarfSpaceman

    Good post Gav. I can’t imagine 50 players in an FPS, I guess the levels are suitably huge but even so that’s going to be a frantic pace!

  • Xantiriad

    Good post. I’ve experienced 40 player matches on the PS3’s Resistance, and I can’t say it was much fun. Complete chaos and die every 5 seconds. The problem is as you line someone up for a shot, two others might be after you, and two after them and so on…