On XBLA this wednesday: N+

This wednesday (Tommorow) we see a classic flash game called N+. I don’t exactly know the reason for the name but I’ll roll with it. It’s an excellent platformer with a ninja so what more could you ask for aye!

I’m curious actually how this will work on the xbox control system compared to the keyboard arrows and spacebar as well as some of the other functions.

As far as I’m aware this is the only title this week and yes it will be 800 m$ points. Now it’s a good game and all but seeing as you can play it online for free and it is very enjoyable for when your at work or in school but I’m not so sure about the price tag associated with this one. Still it’s cool to see flash games making its way onto the Arcade so maybe we should see some more. Personally I want to see Boxhead (http://www.kongregate.com/games/SeanCooper/boxhead-2play-rooms)

More info below, taken from the xbox website. Also if I tend to blab please let me know so I can condense these a bit.

In a futuristic world of inadvertently homicidal robots, a daring ninja must use deft acrobatic skill and guts of steel to survive. N+ is a peerless action-puzzle platformer with more than 300 levels in which to hone your ninja reflexes, plus a built-in level editor for when you’re hungry for more. N+ also features unique, physics-based controls, stylish graphics, unlimited lives, competitive and cooperative multiplayer, plenty of gold, and several flavors of sweet, sweet action. Running, jumping, and dying in an unpleasant-yet-comical manner has never been more fun!

  • Addictive gameplay: N+ features run-and-jump gameplay with hilarious ragdoll physics. It’s easy to get into, but challenging enough for the hardcore gamer.
  • Many, many levels: Featuring well over 300 all-new levels, the game also includes a built-in level editor for players to create their own levels. Additional level packs, including the classic N levels from the PC version, and multiplayer level packs, will be available in the future.
  • Multiplayer modes: Multiple cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes are included. Try survival, race, or co-op play.
  • Replays: Each level can be replayed to see how fast you completed the level.
  • Additional content: Check out additional ninja costumes for both single-player and multiplayer games, and skin your dashboard the N+ way.

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