Last night, on the 21st of February a battle took place between us winged folk of the sky and the friends over at Lox gamers. The match was originally meant to be on Gears of War, but after recieving an unscheduled invite for ChunkyMunkey i headed over to find the Lox gamers and Munkey in a COD4 lobby. After originally intending to head off to do some Coursework, an hour or so had passed and the games had ended.

As it was just a friendly match i did not remember to take any scores, but that more or less works out for us pigeons im afraid. The biggest problem myself, ChunkyMunkey and Jimbo faced was that there was barely anyone else on in COD4 to pitch in and help us, but we werent about to make excuses asking them to get one or two of their players to leave as it was all in the spirit of fun. With some team complications that first match kicked off, which i think was a Team Deathmatch on vacant, and if my memory serves me correctly i do believe we one this round.

The following match ensued and it was a Search and Destroy on Wetwork. The team on this map consisted of ChunkyMunkey, myself and one of the Lox guys that had ocme to help as one of our guys (jimbo) got stuck on their side. So it was 3 against 5 but this didnt damped our spirits. The match ended with, from what i can remember, a 4 to 1 win for the Lox guys. But i was able to get a few good kills so wasnt to upset.

The final match began with the map being everyones favourite, Shipment. The game type was a headquarters, but some of the rules were changed to make it a game of only headshots only. So thanks to the big M60E4 light machine gun i was able to rack up exactly 100 kills, but this wasnt going to help us as the Lox guys were always quick on their toes to catch the headquarters and the match went to them. But seeing as it was all in the spirit of fun, the loss just didnt seem as bad.

So in the end, thank you very much Lox and i hope to shoot it up with you all again.

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