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Last night, on the 21st of February a battle took place between us winged folk of the sky and the friends over at Lox gamers. The match was originally meant to be on Gears of War, but after recieving an unscheduled invite for ChunkyMunkey i headed over to find the Lox gamers and Munkey in […]

On XBLA this wednesday: N+

This wednesday (Tommorow) we see a classic flash game called N+. I don’t exactly know the reason for the name but I’ll roll with it. It’s an excellent platformer with a ninja so what more could you ask for aye!

I’m curious actually how this will work on the xbox control system compared to the […]

Updates On Frontlines

Well on a bored Monday night I was randomly searching the net and I came across a few cool facts about the game. Yes I should be doing coursework but this took priority (as per usual….)

ok first of all the release date, it’s set to launch on the 29th February 2008. […]

NFP Show Ep3: The Pigeon has Landed

This month ‘Scooby Mad’ reveals his long awaited tips and tricks for Devil May Cry 4; ‘Mista Gav’ gives us some handy hints for Mass Effect; plus we all talk about our gaming highlights and have a good moan about the Wii.

Live Streaming (QuickTime or other mp3 compatible plug-in required)RSS feed (Live play if […]

The Valentine’s Day (After) Massacre

Valentine’s Day, a day to spend with a cherished one, telling them how important they are to you and buying them flowers, chocolates or rude beer glasses. It’s all well and good but after that it’s nice to have a change isn’t it. With this in mind Spirited Phoenix invented the Valentine’s Day (After) Massacre.